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Indoor play centre cafe for parents and carers, Little Monkeys

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Adult Food


Breakfast available until 12.30


Sausage, bacon, egg, mushroom, beans £4.95
Sausage, bacon, egg, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans and hash brown £5.95
Vegetarian breakfast (v) Vegetarian sausage, egg,mushrooms, beans, hash brown


All include toast - and tea or filter coffee.   

Anytime Bites

Fish Finger Sandwich £3.95
Bacon or sausage on a whilte roll £2.95
Add an egg or mushrooms to the above: £0.50
Two fried eggs with two slices wholemeal toast £2.95
Scrambled eggs on two slices wholemeal toast £2.95
Ham and Cheese Toastie £3.95
Toasted tea cake with jam £2.25
Soup of the day served with half a warm baguette £2.95
Sausage roll warmed or cold £1.95


Sandwiches served on white or brown sliced bread or a baguette with crisps, salad garnish and coleslaw

Ham and tomato £4.75
Tuna mayo and cucumber £4.75
Cheese and red onion chutney £4.75
Cheese and onion or tomato £4.75
BLT £4.95
Chicken mayo £4.95
Prawn and Marie rose sauce £4.95
Little Monkeys Club Sandwich - BLT plus chicken and cheese £5.95


Panini with crisps, salad garnish, and coleslaw

Brie, bacon and carmalised red onion chutney £4.95
Tuna melt £4.95
Cheese and onion or tomato £4.95
Roast vegetable and cheddar cheese £4.95
Cajun chicken melt £4.95
Ham and cheddar cheese £4.95


Wraps with crisps, salad garnish, and coleslaw

Chicken mayo £4.95
Sweet chilli chicken £4.95
Ham and cheese £4.95
Cajun Chicken £4.95


Jacket Potatoes salad garnish, and dressing

Cheese £4.95
Beans £4.95
Homemade coleslaw £4.95
Tuna mayo £4.95
Tuna and sweetcorn £4.95
Homemade chilli £4.95
Add cheese to any of the above £0.75



Ham £4.95
Cheese £4.95
Brie and Bacon £5.50
Chicken and bacon salad £6.50
Cajun chicken with yoghurt and mint dressing salad £6.50


Hot Meals


Chicken, bacon and cheese burger £5.95
Sausages with mashed potato or chips, vegetables and gravy £5.95
Chilli and chips with cheese £4.95
Scampi with chips, salad garnish and coleslaw £5.95
Double stack beef burger with chips £5.95



Chips £1.25
Cheesey chips                                 £2.00
Garlic bread £1.00
Bread cob £0.50
Extra sauce dip-pot (each) 10p

Please also see our specials board in Little Monkeys.


Home Made Cakes and Desserts

Large selection of delicious cakes and desserts on display


† All items are subject to availability

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