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Indoor play centre Matlock drinks and refreshments, Little Monkeys

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Hot Drinks

Tea pot for 1 £2.35
Tea pot for 2 £3.60
Specialty tea's, pot for 1 (Novus tea menu) £2.60
Filter coffee £2.35
De-caffeinated filter coffee £2.65


Latte £2.85
(Shot of fresh coffee topped up with hot water)
(Shot of fresh coffee)
(Fresh coffee with shot of chocolate with cream, marshmallows and chocolate topping)
Hot chocolate £3.35
Hot chocolate special, with cream, marshmallows and chocolate topping £3.85
Add syrup shot. £0.50
All the above speciality coffee can be served decaffeinated and are made with semi-skimmed milk.


Cold Drinks

Still or carbonated water £1.35

All Cans

Slush Puppy  £2.50
Beaker of squash £0.75
Jug of squash to share £2.25
Orange or apple juice £1.25

Beaker of cold milk - childrens

Beaker of cold milk - adults £1.25
Shmoo Milkshake - Various flavours.
(Add cream & Marshmallows 50p)
Small £2.25
Large £2.75


† All items are subject to availability. Prices are subject to change. 

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